Assembly Analysis of N-Strike Maverick  Nerf Gun


The following report details the continuation of disassembly and initial analysis of the NERF N-Strike Maverick Blaster into Datum Flow Chain (DFC) consideration and Key Characteristic delivery.  Previous work on part and subassembly identification and function evaluation has been expanded to describe the product in terms of part location and constraint through DFC generation.  The motivation behind these efforts is to create visual representations of how a part or subassembly affects each subsequent part or subassembly in a complex system.  The analysis group intelligently deduced an effective DFC for KC delivery and determined that a large amount of designed-in over-constraint exists within the Maverick Blaster. The analysis team also proposed a assembly sequence, calculated the assembly time according to boothroyd table and also recommended the tools used for assembly. This report also proposes the factory layout to meet the production demand.